Feather-ticklers, blindfolds and ball gags, oh-my! We explore what tools and toys are sensory play must-haves in the first instalment of our new blog series, The KLE Toolbox.

Like every skilled professional, escorts wield a toolbox filled to the brim with kinky paraphernalia to fulfil the fancies of their date. From tradespeople like plumbers and electricians to doctors and surgeons to lawyers and accountants, all keep a tight grip on their trusty sacks.

We kinky escorts are no different. You could even call us the carpenters of the sex industry (don’t). Only, our briefcases come with a little more buzz.

Here we lay out our go-to tools for the very specific art of sensory play. These are the essentials among the reams of treasures to play with. As unfortunately, Mary Poppins is still silo-ing that bottomless bag spell.

1. Sensory deprivation

Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.*

Sensory deprivation works to increase the level of pleasure your partner receives during play sessions, as it focusses their mind on one sense: feeling.

*For the purposes of this sentence, evil = vanilla sex.

Ball gag

Chomping on a premium silicone bit, buckled together with butter-soft lamb’s leather and cowhide straps, has never looked so good. Coco De Mer’s ball gag offers unbridled sensory deprivation through removing the use of the mouth and tongue.

You’ll be left salivating for more.


Heighten the pleasure of sensory play by restricting your lover’s sight. Paul Seville’s snakeskin leather peephole mask leaves them anticipating your every move, and helpless to the variety of sensations sensory play has to offer.

Alternatively, try out this spandex open mouth hood for a kinkier look. Expert mode? Try this. 

Ear Defenders

Remove your lover’s ability to predict your movements with Bose’s noise-cancelling headphones. At best, their reception of the sensation will be all the more intense. At worst, they’ll at least get some peace and quiet.

2. Feather tickler

Tickle ’em silly with ectasy, courtesy of a feather tickler. A deceivingly versatile tool for your sensory play arsenal, feathers enable you to tease, stimulate and tickle either as a standalone sensation or combined with a variety of other toys.

3. Body safe wax

Wax On, Wax Off – but make it kinky. Light a candle, lie back and participate in some temperature play with your partner(s). Drip delicious jewel toned wax onto their body – with or without sensory deprivation – and watch them squirm with delight.

For the hesitant, this sandalwood and rose scented massage candle  acts as the perfect gateway into the wonderful world of wax play. Infused with moisturising oils to soften skin while simultaneously pleasuring the receiver, this candle works over time.

Mr. Miyagi would be so proud.

4. Dildo duality 

Escalate your temperature play by… internalising it. Coco de Mer’s hot and cold ceramic dildo provides endless degrees of fun for all involved. Its gliding ceramic exterior, hollow in the centre, allows for smooth penetration. And its elegant shape, covered in delicate rose print, makes it not only an excellent toy but also an exquisite ornament giving any room an instant baroque feel. True duality.

Alternatively, try out this S-shaped double ended glass dildo. Sculpted to stimulate deep erogenous zones through penetration, and ridged to provide a pleasurable texture along the way, this glass tool is temperature responsive. Dunk it in an ice bucket, or warm water, and watch your lover squirm from the sensations.

It’s also easy on the eye.

5. Wartenberg pinwheel 

As novelist Edward Bulwer-Lytton penned in 1839, the pinwheel is mightier than the sword. And kink is certainly a more effective tool for communication than violence.

While it’s easy to be deceived by its spiky demeanour, a wartenberg pinwheel is less about pain than it is about sensation. However, if it’s pain you want – we’ve heard this bad boy is electrifying. 

6. Vibrator

For those who prefer a vibration over an electrification, try out this perfect couples vibrator for ultimate pleasurable sensations. Or, to revel in some light exhibitionism, give your partner a gift.