Sensual mistress  – and domme escort with the most perfect toes you ever did see – Arazatah spoils us with juicy tidbits of some of her favourite kinks in the latest segment of Hazel‘s Q&As. Medical play and forced bi, anyone?

H: I’m so keen to dive into this interview, as I know the breadth of your knowledge around kink, as a sensual mistress and domme. But firstly, how are you doing? What are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to?

A: Mmh, still very much up in the air, but I’ve have a couple of weekends away that have been planned and postponed since forever, and I’m really looking forward to that. One should be in Paris, and the anticipation is so strong I can taste it.

Also, I’m still hoping to spend my holidays in Italy, maybe in Sicily. I’ve just finished The Leopard by Giovanni Tomasi di Lampedusa, and the way he talks about Sicily, the atmosphere of languidity and melancholy, the raw strength of the climate, unmovable and unchanging through millennials of foreign domination, and the beauty of the landscapes, so different between them, has me aching to go.

I also look forward to how art is embedded in the cities, and more than visiting museums it just permeates every walk around the cities, every nook and cranny, every little forlorn church.

You write so beautifully about Sicily! I hope you have the most delicious time on your adventures. Do you have any recommendations for hidden spots to visit in Sicily?
There are so many churches that are tiny jewels, so during a stroll through cities and towns I would be sure to peek into any churches you may pass in front of, there are beautiful discoveries to be made.
And I wouldn’t miss the brioche with gelato for anything in the world, it’s a Sicilian specialty. You should be able to recognise a good gelateria by the colour of the ice-cream, and by the smaller selection (around 10-12 flavours) and smaller containers.
Nothing of the huge decorated mountains of gelato that you find in tourist traps!
Thank you! The next time I search for gelato in Italy, I will be harnessing your useful information. As someone who is well-acquainted with a variety of kinks as a sensual mistress, is there anything – kink-wise –  you would love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for yet?

Luckily I’ve experienced it, but too long ago, although the memories are so hot: forced bi. Having my subs trust in me so much as to just surrender to what they feel is one of their darker fantasies, being on such a thin edge of pushing into unchartered territory, witnessing and being in control of the interaction.

I would also like to experience roleplay more, in Italy is not part of the erotic imagination, and I have to admit, I feel confident enough in my english that I’m sure it would be immersive.

That sounds awfully hot, and now I want to experience it too. What sort of roleplays would you like to experience more of? And what have been your favourite so far?
My favourite roleplays especially when it comes to doing it in video, are therapist sessions.
You know I’m studying psychology, and I often find myself in the role of the seductive therapist, or the one that’s going to cure your fetish through exposure therapy, or maybe you need to unburden of your darkest weakness in front a professional ear, only to discover she’s going to humiliate you for it.
A roleplay I want to explore more is the cuckoldress, the ruthless wife that enjoys living off her hardworking husband, telling him the erotic tales of her encounters, looking for new ways to use him, to turn him into a obedient and useful slut.
Goodness. I bet they are just putty in your hands! What types of bookings would you like to see more of now?

Dinner dates are definitely my favourite kind of booking, because there’s just nothing as the joy of dressing up for a lover, proudly shining on their arm, getting into conversation over dinner, and the slightly tipsy build-up towards intimacy.

During lockdown walking around Soho was a bittersweet experience, as restaurants would remind me of past dinners, and details like a candle, or what we talked about, how I felt walking at their arm wearing my heels, would come at me in waves.

I can imagine Soho in Lockdown was a very sad sight for sure, such a vibrant place left so empty! Are there any restaurants you are keen to sample that you haven’t had the chance to yet?
I’ve heard so much about Bocca di Lupo, and eyeing the menu I can understand why, the selection of Italian dishes from different regions is mouthwatering.
I’ve also discovered a “dessert-only restaurant”, Chin Chin, basically the dream of a lifetime, and I’ve yet to try it.
I’m always keen for some new toy recommendations, will you list your top three tools and toys?

A very naughty tool is an anal speculum I get to use on a patient for medical inspections, I’m a very thorough nurse.

They’re not really a tool, but I’d be lost without my Loubs and red lips. The glamming up, the instruments of seduction, give me power and they’re essential.

And I love glass dildos. So smooth, cool at first and then perfectly warm, giving you that peek into stretching secret parts.

The image of you dressed as a nurse is a very lovely one, medical kit in hand! And I agree that Loubs and red lips are such a staple for you. Do you have any toys that have been on your wishlist for a while?
I’ve been thinking about hollow glass plugs and anal speculums for a while. I’m almost embarrassed to admit it, but the stretching and the seeing inside of anal play are such a turn on!

What are some of the hobbies you really enjoy to unwind? What do you do to spoil yourself? 

Reading has always been the hobby that never left me.

During the past two years I’ve been dipping my toes into photography, currently I’m focusing on the editing part, learning to use Lightroom and Photoshop in particular, as I’ve so much content I want so badly to share but the little details need to be refined (aka, the tripod showing as for the most part they’re “advanced selfies”).

Lockdown has been a huge incentive to play with the camera, I publish my content here.