Content note: this post contains references to consensual non-consent and age-play.

I have never met a bottom I didn’t like. Only god, or possibly physics, can explain the erotic perfection of two wobbling cheeks that spread to reveal the body’s most private, most naughty places.

John Berger wrote: “Men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only most relations between men and women but also the relation of women to themselves.”

Our John knew his stuff. When a lover’s eyes caress me, a tingling warmth passes through my whole body.

My arousal only increases when I am commanded to get into a position that exposes me in some way, whether it’s being told to slowly slide my skirt up my thighs, to rudely pull my knickers up between my cheeks, or, if the conditions are right, even to bend over, reach behind me, and spread my arse entirely.

I love the effect my body has, the sound of a favoured gentleman’s breath starting to quicken, the sudden feeling of heat in the room, or a tell-tale fullness in the trouser region.

And it’s true that in those moments, as well as feeling myself being watched, I am also turned on by imagining how I must look to him.

Sometimes I imagine that the sleek lines of my derriere are powerful and provoking, worth kissing, stroking and worshipping. And sometimes I see my bottom as shameful and naughty, in need of just a little bit of spanking to bring me back into line.

One of the first erotic stories I ever read involved a Sixth Form schoolgirl being punished for misbehaving in class. It’s a classic tale, but here’s a reason why some kinks are classic.

The teacher, a sophisticated older man with a distinguished air, catches her passing notes to a friend at the back of the class.

He orders her out to the front, to read the note to everyone.

Our young heroine is a lovely girl really, but on this particular day she has a bit of attitude about her. Instead of doing what she’s told she rips up the note and stuffs it into her mouth. The class bursts out laughing.

Of course, the teacher can’t let such cheek go unpunished, so our heroine is made to stand up and come to the front. He makes her bend over his desk, facing away from the class, so that the class are looking directly at her rear.

And then, with his hand resting on her back to keep her bent over the desk, the teacher lifts up the schoolgirl’s skirt, revealing her white cotton panties to everyone. Now the class are laughing at the girl.

He spanks her with his bare hand – once, twice, ten times, the class counting along, until her cheeks are flushed pink and she’s wishing she’d never even thought about misbehaving.

But the teacher isn’t finished there… next, he slides his hand into her panties and starts rubbing her tight arsehole with one finger. She wriggles and squeals but… as another finger slips further down towards her pussy he notices a tell-tale wetness…

There’s more to the story but(t) I’ll have to tell it to you in person…

For now, please enjoy these illustrative bottoms.