H: How are you? And what types of bookings are you looking forward to going forward?
L: I’ve been doing great, especially with the news in March about re-opening, finally a hint of seeing a light in the end of the tunnel!
My energy  has been focussed on  my studies, making content (which you can find here) and making huge plans of international tours in late 2021  and 2022! I’m hoping to meet new suitors all around the globe, explore new cultures, and tick off my international restaurant bucket list. I’m craving more dinner dates and travel dates.
This pandemic has given me some time to think, and it’s really reaffirmed how much I value human connection. I can’t wait to catch up on the lack of connection this year with plenty of overday and overnight bookings!
Well, everyone who knows me that I’m all about outfits. I am just crazy about dressing up for my dates, they are more of a must-have than sex toys for me in this case.
I have literally three huge drawers for my outfits so I can’t list them all! Most of them are schoolgirl outfits, all kinds of bodysuits, or teeny outfits with crop tops, skirts, daisy dukes, knee high socks, frilly socks, etc. I’m really proud of my collection.
Sounds like you’ve created quite the selection of dress-up! Where do you hope to wear your collection once things have reopened? And kink-wise, is there anything you’re hoping to explore more of? 
Of course! So my biggest kinks are about daddy/daughter, dd/lg cute type of role plays. It’s all so fun but sometimes I feel I miss more activities with my Daddies outside in the real world. Like taking me wearing my frilly socks for day trip to London Zoo, or to drink vegan freakshakes with a suitor in some trendy Shoreditch milkshake bars.
Perhaps being on a beach holiday, and while Daddy is relaxing and tanning I would be building sandcastles in my white daisy-print one piece swimsuit. Or take me to Winter Wonderland, please Daddy? I missed it so much last year. I’m so silly when it comes to arcades, I could spend all my savings there.
Also, more duo bookings. Especially with a mean mistress, they’re my weakness! I would love to fill my calendar with duo bookings, where my date and a mistress humiliate me and order me around.
I would love to do more of consensual non consent stuff such as sleep assault! This role play is just really hot and even thought some people know I specialise in it and I do get quite few bookings with it, I would like to get way more of it in 2021 & 2022
Being ordered around by two people is certainly pretty fun. Have you got any favourite duo partners within KLE?
There are few of them. Of course, Miss Lilly Watson would be in top first place, we are currently offering duos. My few other friends are Scarlett, Nadia, Annie (two redheads are even better than one, don’t you agree?), and Anya. I’m also desperate to have a duo with Amber Evergreen, we always miss each other when we are visiting each others’ cities!
And for my mean mistress fantasy, I would love to be dominated by KLE babes Lilly Watson and Amelia Swann  *puppy eyes*.
Sounds like a perfect duo checklist to me. If a suitor really wants to win you over, what should they do?
Take me to historical exploration tours! Over the next five years I’ve made a promise to myself to tick the seven ancient and new wonders of the World off of my bucket list. A suitor with similar interests who wants to explore these sights together would win me over instantly.
That is certainly a bucket list! When did you first get into kink? What intrigues you the most about it? 
I was a late bloomer, in fact. So my introduction with kink was later on too. I think I really found myself in soft porn on Tumblr and I was obsessed with small details of porn gif files. I love Kink and Fetish because I think it’s so welcoming to everyone, well, at least in ideal world it would be.
How did you move from soft porn into what you love now? Was it a slow discovery?
Well, at first it was like “that’s so hot, but is it for me?” when looking at discipline type of media. I was thinking I’m too big of a baby for these kind of things, but in the end, yes, I did require more and more discipline.
Around London, what are your favourite things to do on a date? 
I love Burlesque & Cabaret shows, that’s my guilty pleasure. I would suggest Proud Cabaret or City de Paris. I love them both and have been to both of them. As I mentioned before, I’m completely a foodie so Dinner Dates are really my favourite ones, tasting menus, afternoon teas are something I greatly enjoy.
I especially love good decor (Art Deco the most) I so far have only been to pink Art Deco room of Sketch and Art Deco Bar Brasserie of Light in Selfridges, would love to find more places in London to visit which has Art Deco style. I think Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club has it too? You should know that on of my favourite styles of music is old blues. I have never been there yet, but it’s on my bucket list!
Lastly, if someone reading this would like to invite you on a dinner date – what cuisine should they pick for you? 
 I think my favourite ones would be Scandinavian, Mediterranean and Modern European Cuisine. I do love afternoon tea (I can’t even stop mentioning it).