The flirtatious and effervescent Madeleine De Winter joins Hazel in the new instalment in the KLE Q&A series. Read on to read more recycled lingerie patchwork quilts, a novel toy for anal play and Madeleine’s hot Valentine’s rendezvous with a handyman.

H: Firstly, how are you doing? What are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to?
M: I’m good thanks! I’ve been keeping busy making sure my sexual prowess stays in top working order by seducing my handyman, so I can’t complain. It has just made me all the more eager for a return to the good old days though.
I have finally started accepting dates again fully and super excited about one coming up very soon. We have a table booked for outside dining at a restaurant both of us have wanted to try for ages so that’s very exciting! I can’t wait to be back out on London’s cobbled streets again in something other than loungewear.
I’m going to need to hear all about the seduction of your handyman, what a juicy tale! Is the table booked for you both? 
Well I happened to meet the handyman by accident when I was shooting my Valentine’s shots in a hallway… instant sparks were there, and we had a very fleeting love affair which has just got me in the mood and craving more. It’s made me all the more eager to be reunited with my lovers and to also make some new ones.
Kink-wise, what would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for?
I think I’ve definitely not done enough roleplay. I want it to be able to think outside of the box with it and have more fully immersive, less stereotypical, experiences. Really get to flex some creative muscles!
What type of roleplays would you like to try out more? What roles do you find yourself gravitating towards? 
I’ve found myself gravitating more towards my dominant side, and being able to facilitate the yearning in others to explore their submissive wants and needs. I definitely want to explore domination more and get more creative when coming up with roleplay scenarios. I tend to get bored very easily in all aspects of life and would love more creative freedom to explore and see where the kinky magic can take us.
What types of escort bookings do you enjoy and hope for more of in the future? 
As a huge foodie it has to be dinner dates with an appetiser of kinky fun and then, if I’m lucky, a night cap of more kinky fun! The dream, the actual dream right now.
Kinky fun is the *essential* night cap, and you deserve it always. What restaurants are on your bucket list for dinner dates?
Yes, kinky fun is how I wish every night ended. In the ideal world it would. Oh gosh well I had plans last year to go to Sketch for my 30th which never got to happen due to the pesky pandemic, it’s definitely still high on my list as is Hide and Hakkasan. They’re my top three lusted after dinner dates right now.
I’m always keen for some new toy recommendations, will you list your top three tools and toys?
I’m a big fan of the smorgasbord of pleasure back door fun can bring. One of my kinks is definitely introducing men to their own hidden pleasure points back there and one of my favourite toys which I can definitely recommend to really bring up the senses is the absolem from g-silicone pegging dildo (godimeche silicone). It’s tons of fun and I love the sensuality of it. Personally I’ve become too attached to my wand this past lockdown, it’s almost a committed relationship at this point!
Well I just had to Google that, and it looks incredible. If a Twister lolly mated with a strap-on… Do you have any other toy recommendations for anal play?
It really is so much fun! I’ve used it in multiple different ways and it’s brilliant fun. When it comes to anal play and pegging, I always think more is better. The more time spent and the more toys of various size, shapes and functions and plenty of lube... is more fun. You can build up the tension and the sensations gradually and go on a real adventure.
As a big fan of gifts, I’m curious to know what one of your most favourite gifts from a client has been historically and what would be your absolute dream gift to receive?
I have to say my favourite gift was the gorgeous pair of Louboutins for my birthday last year. Unfortunately they weren’t actually in my size so I had to say goodbye to them, but if anyone wants to get me some that I can wear (and I will) I’m a 39.5. But generally gift-wise, my signature scent is Fucking Fabulous by Tom Ford (a woman can never have enough of her signature scent) and I adore flowers, peonies are my favourite and they are in season soon…
What are some of the hobbies you really enjoy to unwind? What do you do to spoil yourself? 
I tend to fluctuate quite a bit and can’t spend too long doing one thing or it loses its lustre, so naturally I have a thousand hobbies.
I really enjoy my writing work, I write short erotic fiction. It’s a true passion project and I never want to stop doing it. But one of my weirder hobbies I’m currently doing is turning all my old lingerie into a patchwork quilt of sorts – so that when I’m old I can wear it and cheekily remember the good old days.
When I want to spoil myself I invest in self care and beauty, I recently purchased a silk hair wrap and a silk face mask so I now sleep how I imagine Elizabeth Taylor did and I love it. Now I just need the seven husbands…
Erotic fiction! Have you considered publishing any on the KLE blog? I would love to read it, and I bet others would too. The silk hair wrap and mask sounds so luxurious. 
 I haven’t no! It is all available on my Patreon though. I’ve been a bit slow lately and not done any new pieces but I have a few commissions still to do and I’ve been contemplating writing up my little sordid fling with the handyman so who knows…  maybe it will pop up somewhere soon.