If you find your pulse quickens on sight of stainless steel, your temperature rises with the snap of a latex glove, and the squirt of a syringe does unmentionable things for your imagination, you may be nursing a medical fetish. Suggested treatment? Tooling up appropriately, of course.

Doctor, doctor, give us the news, we have a hot case of a medical fetish! Whether you are new to BDSM or a verified kink connoisseur, for the second instalment of the KLE Toolbox we look at what instruments and implements are essential in your doctor’s bag.

There’s a vast world out there for those keen to participate in medical fetish play, arousal is unique to the individual. Roleplaying doctors and nurses isn’t the only turn on available to medical kinksters. Their fetish could be focussed from anything remotely medical – from the sterile environment of a surgical theatre to the blend of pleasure and pain experienced with BDSM medical equipment.

First thing’s first

It’s important that prior to participating in any kink that you run through safety protocol with your partner(s). Covering safe words, limits, any tentative curiosities, and protocol in the case of emergency are all essential steps for any form of play.

Especially for medical fetish play, you should also get to know more about the health of any of your play partners. For instance, do they have any medical issues that could be triggered during play? Are they allergic to latex? Do they have any past injuries that could be provoked by restraints or internal toys?

Once you have a better idea of the body/bodies you are playing with, you can start to compile your toolkit.

Setting the scene

For those allured by the roleplay only, or those tentatively dipping their toe, we recommend two items many of us likely already have: face masks and Latex Gloves. The prescription for those keen to try more includes: this Extra Large Lubricant Applicator; a PVC Bedsheet,  an interesting experience once things get wet and messy and roleplay essential – a Doctor’s stethoscope.

If your foray into medical kink is led by a love of sensory play, try out this Tickler Crop Duo, whip-smart combination of soft and sharp. And what better to test the senses than this rose gold Reflex Hammer? 

In training

Next steps in your sensory play care plan: a wartenberg wheel. Heighten the experience with this Finger Double Pinwheel or Skin Scratcher. 

Sometimes a spoonful of sugar doesn’t cut it, and the medicine will only go down with the help of some bondage. We adore Coco de Mer’s selection of leather restraints and this Medical Posture Collar.

For the adventurous

Essential research needs to be undertaken for those very kinky, very horny patients and that requires some specialist equipment. Young Forceps are great for nipples and other areas.

If your partner has a vagina, we suggest this Vaginal Speculum. Or, for anybody with any body that enjoys anal play, this Anal Proctoscope and Anal Hook are sure to wield compelling results.

For the BDSM pros – urethral play like sounding adds an extra element within dominant and submissive dynamics. Consider adding some sounds to your doctor’s case with this Urethral Stretcher. 


Image of Amelia Laurent