There’s a first time for everything, even for a seasoned professional. Nova Bergman reveals her first time submitting to fellow Kinky London Escort, the divine Scarlett May.


Power is a funny thing, don’t you think? Many of my lovers know that I wasn’t always a switch escort. I used to mainly get my kicks out of sensual domination, or as a kind of dominant GFE. 


When I found the kinky sex party scene some ten or so years ago, it felt incredibly exciting to be able to subvert gender norms and express myself as the independent and free-spirited strong woman I am. Being on top, being in charge, using my natural womanhood to seduce and mesmerise men felt exhilarating. Finally, I had found the right kind of people who enjoyed how sexually hungry and confident I am, and I enjoyed exploring the blurred boundaries between pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, desire and fear. And don’t get me started on pegging and anal play, I cannot get enough of this! I love the intimacy of being inside a man, and being on top suddenly had a whole new glorious dimension.  I’m so lucky to have been taught by some of the best femdom and sensual domination escorts in London.


Anyway, I digress. I was meant to talk about my journey into submission… Submission didn’t interest me at all, I was so busy enjoying this new-found love of the art of domination. And as an empowered feminist, submission seemed kind of like going backwards… giving up power? Hell no. 


And then along came Scarlett May, and something strange happened. As you might know, she is known as one of London’s elite submissive escorts.  Our relationship started as many sexually tense relationships do, under the guise of a professional collaboration. She had long been one of my top crushes out of the London threesome escorts I had listed on my site. We had been complimenting (read: flirting) on Twitter for a while before I got the courage to ask her if she wanted to do a shoot (read: date) together. Naturally, we got talking about what we enjoy sexually, and what we’re curious to explore. I expressed some curiosity in her experiences as a submissive. When Scarlett was telling me about her experiences, I found myself blushing as she was telling me about things she enjoyed, things that I realised I had a secret desire for too. A strange power dynamic quickly developed, Scarlett could see I was blushing and since she was the one with experiences of being a submissive, she was the one in charge in our dynamic. I had not expected this! Although, I have always been a strong believer in kink desires being very dependent on the particular dynamic and chemistry between two people- it is seldom something you can script or predict. 


This teasing continued for a while until we met up for a drink. After a couple of cocktails with lots of teasing and giggling, she asked me about this new lingerie set I had been talking about. She said she had to see it immediately and off we went to the toilets, where she asked me to undress in front of her in one of the cubicles so she could inspect me. And well, reader, the rest is history. 


Through playing with Scarlett, I realised how much power and confidence it actually takes to be able to give up power and put yourself in the hands of someone else. I found a way to express my greedy sexuality through pleasing and being used. I found the pleasure of being teased and denied, being given orders. And not forgetting, the sweet and horny sting of heat on my butt after being spanked. I learnt that I could subvert all of the scripts about womanhood- even the empowered womanhood- through putting my own slutty and submissive spin on it. And I realised that we spend so much of our time trying to control life, when some of the deepest pleasures and excitement come from being able to relax into uncertainty and let life and our lover surprise us. 


I consider myself lucky to have been led into the art of submission by one the London’s best submissive escorts- it’s opened the door for so many new expansive experiences of submissive GFE dates with lovers all around the world. And it’s shown me, once again, how utterly fascinating and surprising our erotic lives are. I’m so curious of what new adventures lie ahead of me in the world of London’s independent submissive escorting. Maybe it will be with you?