You’ve heard of the Swedish Sin: a dangerously beautiful woman with a liberated mind and a penchant for pleasure. As one of London’s elite kinky escorts, I can’t help but wonder if President Eisenhower had me in mind when he warned Americans about the danger of my birth country. I’m a sweet Scandinavian take on the English rose: an elegant blonde educated at a top English university; British class mixed with the carefree and liberated fun that Swedish women are famous for. I’m also a switch at heart, and revel in the art of transgression and seduction from all sides of the experience-particularly in a more intimate GFE relationship. I yearn to make the fantasies buried deep in your psyche come alive and explore the shadowlands of desire and passion…

I have always followed my natural urges and have a playful relationship to my body and sexuality. My raw sexuality and refined surreptitious mind has made me devoted to a life of art, pleasure, knowledge and connection. There’s an air of sophistication and intellect behind my seductive blonde bombshell look. I am driven equally by intellectual and carnal urges in my explorations of kink.

So the life of being an independent escort in London couldn’t suit me better! Connection, intimacy and exploration form the holy trinity in my life. And what’s more thrilling and stimulating than to explore our darker, secret, shadow selves? The exhilarating feeling that comes from showing someone that part of yourself is one that is truly transformative. Whether you’re a novice or very experienced at this type of play, I will create a safe space for you to let go, and float into the land of fantasy. I find kink exceedingly interesting and I believe our kinks are merely expressions of our unique subconscious desires.

Whatever they are, share your deepest fantasies with me, and we can make them come true.I have many different sides to my domination, submission and kink urges (a true switch escort at heart!) – I love weaving in sensuality, sex and care. I also thrive in more intimate relationships- in the escort world called the luxury or independent GFE date. With one of London’s finer restaurants or museums or hotels as a backdrop, we start by flirting over a dinner date or a bottle of wine, and move on to getting to know each other intimately in the bedroom, before diving into the kink realm.

I adore being a compliant submissive GFE: taking instructions, serving, and feeling the warmth of spankings on my pert butt. Especially if you’ve started the teasing and instructions over cocktails or dinner, letting the tension and excitement build between us. Maybe even a little roleplay to lubricate our imagination? Perhaps you’re my boss who’s making me work late on a special project, or a teacher who’s making sure I do my homework. Or maybe something a bit more taboo, like a DD/LG scenario? Submission has always been part of my personality, but for long I was scared to explore this part. So now It feels wonderfully exciting to be confident enough to fully give myself over and please you.

In other moments, I let the untamed force of my womanhood take charge: scent, sense, and feminine curves are the key to sensual domination. My voice whispering in your ear as I let you worship my body, or perhaps you will surrender to me as I peg you with my strap-on? Do you dream of a naughty mommy dearest who will punish you ever so lovingly? Do you want to lie at the feet of a harsh school mistress and hear about how she punishes her pupils after class? Or perhaps you want to be used and abused by the beautiful and powerful younger woman at your office, who has you completely under her spell? Maybe you want to just serve your mistress, worship her body, and be made to taste all of her until she climaxes all over your face? While I can certainly make you beg for mercy and experience the warm fuzzy feelings of pain inflicted on your body, I am not the cold and distanced traditional type of mistress. Sometimes a whip or a flogger serves me well, but I especially get off on using the tools of my own body: my voice, my intelligence, my bare hands and the force of my fiery body

Or do you perchance desire a mix and a switch with your very own experienced BDSM girlfriend? No scripts, just the two of us in the land of fantasy and unhinged desire.