Independent Welsh escort and sensual dominatrix Welsh Belle opens up about her go-to tools and toys for dates, the destination of Cardiff’s best taster menu and how to make her feel extra special in her interview with Hazel.

H: Ah a chat with the ever-lovely Belle! How are you doing lovely? Let’s get started with asking, what are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to?

B: Hi, Hazel! I’m very well thanks – I’ve been taking this time during the pandemic to reconnect with nature, going on long walks with my very cute little dog. I’ve shared some photos of the lush Welsh greenery over on Twitter.

And while it’s been such a thrill to connect with lovers – both new and old – online, through my OF and texting packages, I have been itching for restaurants and bars to reopen in Cardiff, where I’m based. In hindsight, I really should have developed some more hobbies beyond eating out!

As an Independent Welsh escort, where would you recommend in Cardiff for a good evening out? 

Oh, where to begin?!

Cardiff has so many amazing places, I wrote about it a few months ago, when I was really pining after dinner dates. Of all the places, though, I would have to say that Heaney’s is my favourite. Their tasting menu never fails to make me squeal in delight, and the cocktails are really special.

I’ve not been to Heaney’s, so I’ll pop that on my to-go list. Next up: what – kink-wise – would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for?  

Well, I’ve had to really focus, as right now I’m burning up at the thought of getting back to my kinky playdates. All this kinky talk is getting me hot under the collar!

Something that isn’t particularly new to me, but certainly something I want to do more of, is roleplays. Especially with lovely gentlemen who have a submissive side and like to be spanked – which you can read a little more about here. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a classic roleplay scenario; naughty schoolboy who needs to be punished severely, for example. But I’d love to expand my roleplay repertoire with some willing subjects! I love how kink creates such ample opportunities for our imaginations to come out and play!

That is such a good way of describing one of the many wonderful positives of kink. Have you got any ideas in mind for expanding your roleplay repertoire?

It really is playtime for adults! Well, considering my desperation to get back to the 5* hotels I know and love, I’d love to roleplay a scene where a member of hotel staff bringing me, and a girlfriend room service needs to be punished for being a peeping tom. 

Yes to getting back to those glorious 5* rooms. A delight for an independent escort! What types of bookings do you truly enjoy and hope for more of in the future? 

I am such a foodie, I absolutely love lunch dates and a cocktail or two! 

There’s something really erotic about daytime dates too, skipping back to my incall hand in hand while the rest of the world is still stuck at their desks. Dinner dates are also a classic for a reason! I love them, they give us time to get to know each other, they have such a lovely romantic feel to them. 

I wrote about some of my favourite date spots on my blog. What I’m most craving, however, is to visit London when the world opens up a little more, and getting my hands on a certain KLE member, or two, or four, or more… and Hazel, spending time with you is definitely on my wish list!

The feeling is mutual, that’s for sure… I’d also love to have such a sexy excuse to return to Cardiff, as I used to live there. Who else is on your KLE to-duo list?

So exciting to hear you’re a Welsh babe at heart! *Crosses fingers that a lovely gentleman gets us together*.

Haha, to-duo, I love it! Well, Darcy Sloane is a total babe. She’s beautiful, intelligent and hilarious – what’s not to like?! I think we’d have such a good time together. And the gorgeous Chantel.

Amelia Laurent and I have a photoshoot coming up together, which I’m hoping will bring us a date or two together. And let’s just say I have a thing for tattooed redheads, so the beautiful Circe is definitely up there, too! 

A rather glorious list I must say, I’ve duo-ed with Amelia before and she’s angelic. So I always ask for toy recommendations, can you give me your top three tools and toys? 

Where to begin?! I love sex toys, they bring so much to a date.

Some of my favourite toys that I love to use in my sensual domination sessions are my extra powerful doxy wand from Coco de Mer, and a chain link flogger which I love to pull across the body. Nobody ever knows what it is when they are blindfolded – but it turns them into putty in my hands.

The flogger creates a really sexy sound, too, both when used at full force and when used for gentle caresses. Another tool I love to pull out during sessions is the timeless collar. Even the simple act of putting it on my sub, I can’t tell you how powerful that move is, as well as gently pulling on it to let them know who’s boss.

There’s that sensual dominatrix side of you I know and love! Do you have any toys you’re keen to try out, especially for domination/kink?

Definitely, I’m a true sensual dominatrix! I would love to play more with the combination of impact and temperature play, candle wax being a perfect way to do this. Just the thought of watching each drip fall onto a whimpering soul, is such a turn-on.

Out of curiosity, I love asking about gifts too, as I find some of the answers so unusual! What has one of your most favourite gifts from a client has been historically and what would be your absolute dream gift to receive?

Well, gifts always make a girl feel extra special, don’t they?

My most favourite gifts are the heartfelt ones, flowers and cards on dates that tell me he’s been thinking of me.

I couldn’t answer this question without talking about the angels who fuel my lingerie addiction! My clients always say it feels really special, to see images from my professional photoshoots, wearing the lingerie they gifted me. Plus, I absolutely adore wearing it for them in real life, too… 

But an absolute dream gift? I’m not a hugely materialist girl, and sometimes the most practical gifts are the most heartfelt ones. I know they can often get a bad rap, but I do love receiving gift cards – for Canopy and Stars or Air B’n’B to treat myself to a weekend away, and being gifted spa days too!

Gifted spa days! Yes! Is this one of the hobbies you turn to for unwinding? What do you do to spoil yourself? 

I love to unwind with a spa day, complete with full body scrub, massage, and a facial – the full works leave me floating on cloud nine.

At home I’m a big fan of a bubble bath with a glass of champagne and some strawberries, with some music on in the background. That, or on colder nights, curling up in front of a fire, with a good book! It’s not particularly kinky, but it does wonders for the soul.

Literature is absolute soul food, like kink. Before we wrap up, what have you been reading recently?

It really is! Especially during lockdown, when the temptation to be on my phone and laptop all day was so strong. Creating quiet moments for myself to sit down with a nice cup of herbal tea and a book was just wonderful.

I adore the escapism of fiction, such as Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro. Science fiction isn’t normally my type of book, but it was nice to be tempted by something out of the ordinary! Boy Parts by Eliza Clark was brilliant, I couldn’t put it down!