British Billie welcomes you in wide open arms with her big blue eyes, large smile and even larger other assets. Natural, elegant curves, softer than soft skin and a very naughty streak. A well educated, clever polymath with a wicked sense of humour.

Welcome, my name is Billie. I’m a young, curvaceous, kinky companion based in London. A dominant switch with a strong firmness but caring nature to lead your desires, who melts like butter in the hands of the right masters with being kind to couples as a bisexual third. I exude confidence and playfulness as a high class woman with a thirst for indulgence and anything debaucherous. I am the optimum, intelligent travel or dinner date with multiple interests in business, and university degree and qualifications in the arts and sciences. I am the sensual, fun playdate you desire for bespoke fantasies and I aim to blow your mind.

As a beautiful mistress my body worth worshiping drags attention left, right and centre. It’s no wonder I’ve won beauty competitions. I am bound with trouble causing curves that you’d think had caused an earthquake as I walk by the way people stare. But fret not as discretion is important to me and I have a chic, sophisticated style that flaunts my best parts and leaves little for the mind to wander.

I am a sensory fanatic with a fetish for the feel of Chantilly lace clad lingerie, nylon and fishnets and leather and latex. A lover of all things scented, and tasty such as flowers and perfume (or aftershave) and fruits to accompany champagne. Luxury taste as I am a luxury lady. And much more so than driving fast cars and listening to loud music, I crave your touch.