Hi there, I’m Cara, a petite British independent escort based in Berlin and regularly touring London. Think of me as the perfect blend between depraved kinkster and warm-hearted cosy girlfriend. Read on to learn more about me, my services as an independent escort, and how to book a GFE or kink date.

I’m phenomenally kinky, with years of experience both as a dominant and a submissive. I delight in helping fulfil your deepest fantasies and providing the bespoke experiences you’ve dreamt about. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore a secret fetish or a seasoned kinkster, we’re sure to have plenty of proclivities in common.

I’m drawn to those who are in touch with their own eccentricities and at home in mischievous exploration. Kink is something creative and playful, a space outside of everyday life. I cater to a wide range of tastes, offering both soft domination and professional submissive services. I’m drawn to those who are in touch with their own eccentricities and at home in mischievous exploration. By only accepting a small number of dates each month, I’m able to bring genuine excitement and pleasure to our meeting.

Perhaps you’d like the thrill of being sensually dominated and brought to your knees by a pretty girl half your size. Or perhaps you’d like the rush of throwing me around and the satisfying slap of your hand on my soft skin. Or maybe you have very specific tastes—spanking, shoe/foot fetish, ageplay, roleplay, petplay, or something else. My cupboards are stuffed with a delightful assortment of toys and outfits which I’m always happy to trot out.

I am particularly experienced in guiding those who want to explore a new aspect of their sexuality or gender identity in a comfortable, completely supportive setting. Many people limit their horizons in life by assuming self-exploration has an age limit or because they fear being seen differently by others. Sometimes the most confident, self-assured people feel trapped by the powerful image they project in everyday life. Your time with me is an opportunity to be exactly who you want to be and it brings me genuine joy to help you discover new sides to yourself.

One more thing: many people debate for months or even years before booking an escort for the first time. They let social stigma and internalised shame hold them back from indulging in what is, in reality, a wholesome and mutually beneficial experience. We all need and deserve intimacy in our lives.

Personally, I believe that the best way to live a life free from regret is to take the plunge when you find yourself drawn to something new, something intriguing. Daring adventures are what make all the mundanity of life worthwhile. As they say, the only way to be free of temptation is to yield to it.