An outer shell of sensual sweetness and creative intelligence revealing to a dark, devious and delicious centre, drenched in a desire to explore and please. Fall under my spell and escape the world with me....

I truly believe our purpose on this beautiful spinning rock is to dive deeply into life – devouring it’s pleasures, exploring it’s wildness and tasting all the delicious morsels it has to offer.

Created in Northern England, educated in the walls of a red brick and alchemised in a life of wild challenge and experience. As a result, I am a crucible of authenticity, refinement and mystery.

In this world, I am now embodying the woman I was truly meant to be: a woman dripping in sensuality and creativity, deeply connected to her body and with an insatiable appetite for desire. Living my life centered around deep pleasure, deeper conversation and creating magic. Spreading my wings and whetting my lips to taste every flavour the world has to offer.

A decadent and heady concoction, that is intoxicating in the sweetest way and will leave you with the most delicious aftertaste and a thirst for more.

My penchant for epicurean metaphor is no fallacy, I am a devout foodie. My desire to lead a deeply sensual life expands to all realms, including; the most delectable food, the finest of wines and the softest of silks.

I passionately delve into many elements; surrendering to soft and sensual intimacy, diving into wild and passionate nights and relishing in dark, delicious, dominant encounters.

Underneath my sensual sweetness, lays a switch to a darker, more deviant side. My natural dominance manifests in an exhilarating sensual darkness. Hand everything over to me and let me take control, rest into my power and sink into the sweetest, most decadent submission.

Whisk me away for an afternoon, an evening, a weekend or even longer, arouse my senses and I will be all yours at your mercy (or you at mine!) Surrendering fully to the deep, mouthwatering presence of pure sensuality at it’s finest.