British Chinese kinky companion, sensual Goddess, and submissive play partner

I’m Suki, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m an independent submissive Asian escort based in London.

You might have already seen me in the bustling streets of London, my sleek black bob weaving through the crowd. Perhaps you caught a glimpse of me on the platform, soft cheeks rosy from the crisp air, as I hopped onto the tube. What was it that held your attention? My quirky short fringe, framing an innocent baby face? Or a flash of inked skin peeking out from under my neckline? A tell-tale sign of deviance. Perhaps, you wondered if we’d ever cross paths again, if you could have the pleasure of my company.

The possibilities for our encounter are endless. I could be your illicit affair, adorable little one, or mischievous Mistress. Whether you’re looking for an obedient sub or sensual domination, I’m bound to leave you deeply satisfied, yet craving more.

My youthful, cheeky demeanour lends itself to a variety of submissive roles. Need a perfect little Daddy’s girl or a meticulous domestic slave? I will follow orders to the letter and truly delight in being used for your pleasure. I look adorable dressed as an innocent schoolgirl, or a naughty maid wearing nothing but an apron and heels. I’ll happily wash your dirty dishes, Sir.

Though I am naturally submissive, I thoroughly enjoy subverting the usual power dynamic and exercising my dominant streak. Do you have bad habits that need ironing out? I will train you into better ones, and gleefully punish your chaotic behaviour. Searching for the femme top of your wildest dreams? A submissive man is one I can get behind, in more ways than one. Or, perhaps, you’d like to worship a silky skinned Goddess? My body is a treat to be savoured by the discerning devotee; worship me from head to toe and thank me for being allowed the privilege.