A conversationalist, an epicure and inquisitive with a charming nature and compelling lust for life. I am a submissive playmate with an undeniable want to please. Explore me , tease me, indulge in me- I am yours.

I’m an educated, sexy and sensual sub with a passion for the finer things life, including you (I hope). I value relationships filled with substance, seduction and kink – creating lasting memories and great moments . I am open about my kinks and love to explore role-play, bondage and domination. I don’t believe in staying inside your comfort zone, being daring and open to change are some of my favourite qualities.

I’m petite with high cheekbones, naturally full lips and ebony smooth skin.

If you enjoy exploring your spontaneity, laughing over dinner, pleasuring your mind, body and soul then let us escape the norm together … an indulgence that should not be compromised.