Are you drawn to the sensual femininity of body hair? Us too. Here, the divinely natural escort Ylwa Bergman shares her love of bush worship.

After holding you in suspense for quite some time by slowly letting you taste and smell different parts of my body, I take off my lacy knickers, unravelling the wild, feminine bush underneath. You look at it, touch it. It’s dark, soft and curly. A symbol of my untamed womanhood and powerful sexuality. This is what you’re here for, this is what you want to submit to. You don’t want tidy, perfect, clinical. You want to see my raw passion, strength, desire, and let it envelop you. You want dirty, messy, fierce, natural. To you, that is perfection.

I let you come closer, bury your face inside my bush. You feel the soft curls embracing your mouth, you take in the scents, well-preserved in the hair. You can smell my horniness and my feminine sexuality. You see the signs of it between the hairy lips, my pussy glistening with wetness. I instruct you to taste me. The sensory experience of scent and touch overwhelms you in the most incredible way. A strong feeling of safety and calm rushes over you and you lose track of time and space. All that exists is just you, your tongue, my desire, becoming one.

Did I catch your attention? I thought so. Bush worship – now that might be a new word for some of you. It’s not one of the go-to kink phrases you hear very often, but after this introduction I’m sure you all get what I mean. Looking at my inbox, it certainly looks like a lot of you do.

When I started pursuing my kinky desires in a more professional manner some years ago, I wasn’t sure how, as a more natural escort, my body hair would go down. My bush and armpit hair felt fiercely like me and although I’d certainly tested it on a wide range of lovers in the sex party and kink world, I wasn’t sure how it would be received outside of it.

I stopped shaving about ten years ago, to prove a point to a boyfriend. Secretly it was also to spite him; I was getting bored. While he said he wasn’t into hair himself, he claimed that no one would notice if I stopped shaving my armpit hair; that it wasn’t a big deal. So I promptly stopped it. Before this, I’d mostly been shaving out of habit, I hadn’t really reflected on it. The first thing that was really noticeable to me was that I could smell myself a lot more. My scent seemed to linger in my armpit hair in a very different way than it did when I was shaving. It was strange, I was used to just smelling deodorant and perfume on myself. But after a while, I started to enjoy it. A slight smell of fresh sweat is incredibly sexy, and it made me feel hot and powerful. Once my pit had grown a lush dark bush, I also began to really enjoy the uncomfortable looks I’d get whenever it was on show. It was as if I was giving them a peek of my uninhibited sexuality and I could feel the power it gave me. Men would try to look unfazed and to not stare, but I could see in their eyes when they’d seen it and how their mind involuntarily started to wander. Probably wondering about whether my pussy also was hairy…

Let’s say I proved the point to the boyfriend. He thought that meant I could start shaving again, but I thought differently- I’d found a new side of myself and broke up with him. This was the beginning of my exploration of kink and domination. Not only do I love how it looks- it perfectly adorns the female body, creating little triangles for the eye to rest on. But it also put me in touch with something more untamed inside me, something innate; a hunger for being worshipped for the wild, sex-craving animal that I am.

This is the essence of bush and hair worship for me. It’s about devotion to the female body and sexuality- in its natural form. It’s about enjoying the more feral sides of an erotic encounter, where it’s all about scent and sense, where we are taken over by lust, and where desire takes on its own life. Where magic happens.