We’ve never been much of a fan of sequels, and over at KLE Collective HQ, we’re especially unhappy about the third installment of the UK Lockdown franchise. However, while it may be cold and dark and somewhat existentially terrifying out there, we’re determined to keep our well-groomed heads up. To do so, we turned to the hive mind, and asked our members to update us on what they’re up to, including any and all activities proven to spark joy. Over to them:

Kio Jones: Discovered the goop podcast which has really interesting episodes, especially about managing mental health and wellness

Darla Blake: I’m studying with a concert pianist so I’m spending my days practicing for a concerto – it’s the most joy I have sparked in a very long time! 

Celia Cordel: Noise cancelling headphones… dance it out! I’ve been dancing practically every day, great for the mood. And coffee, obviously

Lilu Izar: I am rediscovering my love for inks and painting more than ever. On the side I am planning a huge list of all the places I want to visit in London when it is safe to go out again and just found an ice rink that reminded me of my younger self. Hitting my ass with the floor is definitely on my bucket list.

Olivia Sinclair: I have rediscovered is the ritual of putting on on some good music and oiling my whole body in delicious scented oil. This is not something new, I have always loved oiling my body because it makes my skin obscenely soft and silky, but unless I was with a lover I wouldn’t indulge in the process of massaging myself and them. Do you know one of my favourite date activities is to give each other a full-body oily massage. Two oils I recommend are The Ritual of Jing Dry oil, (I use this one a lot) and newly discovered (and kindly gifted) Molton Brown’s Fiery Pink Pepper massage oil. I’ve blogged about it here, with a corresponding playlist too.

Olivia Valentina: I’m rewatching the ‘Vikings’ on Amazon Prime while I have my house slave cooking my favourite Caribbean meals and running my errands. Lounging with my feet up while watching him frantically getting his chores done fills my heart with joy.

Lilly Watson: I’m walking, doing Pilates, making cappuccinos, making dinner with my social bubble buddy and reading F. Scott Fitzgerald short stories. 

Suzie Blue:  I’ve been making is miso hot chocolate as a quick fix when I’m craving Meera Sodha’s miso brownies (but can’t be bothered to bake!)

Barbara Black: I’m watching Schitts Creek, loving David Rose’s sweaters, and reading Black Wave by Michelle Tea.

Madeleine Mercury: Singing and talking to my plants

Skylar Parker: I am doing 8k runs four times a week quickly followed by a 30 minute masturbation session, my idea of pain for pleasure

Eda Blackwood: Since Covid started Ive been keeping myself locked away in my art studio, up to my elbows in paints and charcoals. Re-introducing myself to art during this time has been very relieving for my spirit.

Carla James: Going for walks by the sea, looking for magical stones or mermaid’s purses (shark egg sacks!). Daydreaming about hot sailors and about the party we’ll all have when this is over. Things I’m not doing: learning to bake 🙂

Pure Lily: This lockdown, I decided to take more walks and my inspiration lies with tlf.gov routes, especially for walking over the river.

Tee Rabbit: I’m baking and dropping the cake parcels off at friends houses as well as training and looking after my horse

Chloe Vega: For most of this past lockdown year I have been writing custom erotic fiction for my clients; whilst covid keeps us from indulging our fantasies in person, I love having the opportunity to escape the mundane and imagine our exploits in writing. The perfect antidote to my pandemic blues!

Billie Brookes: Yoga, studying, improving cooking skills, started a small business, investing in new toys & bondage. Collecting art, cutting champagne bottles into vases  and propagating plants.

Katie Dee: To keep as sane as possible during this lockdown I have been trying to keep busy with art, cooking, crafts, video games and lots of films. Oh and wine,  masturbation and watching and making porn of course,  a girl has needs.

Ambrosia Wilde: I’m currently doing Veganuary, so having fun making delish vegan dishes.

Georgie Darling: Im super busy with a renovation project. Alongside that I’ve been cooking a lot of hearty comfort food balancing that out with daily juices & healthy soups, long dog walks, daily workouts on my reformer. Im trying to build my strength up. Lots of movies & binge watching  by the fire snuggled under a blanket.

Valerie August: I bought a rivet punch and some leather and I’m making my own kinky body harnesses (pictured below) for some unspecified date in the future where I might party the night away.