In a moment of role reversal, self-proclaimed quirky switch, natural hairy escort and KLE’s Artist in Residence, natural hairy escort Lilu Izar, sits for her very own portrait. A literary portrait by Resident Interviewer Hazel.

H: Firstly, how are you doing? What are some upcoming plans you’re looking forward to?
L: I’m doing fine for pandemic times, I think. I am grateful that I am a quiet and introverted person who enjoys solitude, as it has helped me to cope during lockdowns.

But, I have to admit that there have certainly been ups and downs this year, so I am looking to resume in-person meetings soon, for both suitors and companions.

I have made a list of plans for what I’d like to do around London when things feel safe again. I don’t want to miss Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the Tate, and a city farm is also in my top spot of things to do. I need to pet some soft animals, it soothes me a lot.
Animals are so soothing! Do you have a favourite? I love to visit a farm relatively local to me that has piglets you can pet and brush.
My all time favourites are deers and goats. I love the bleating sound of goats, and deers are just so majestic. Besides, my mom’s family name crest has a deer in it so it became a symbol for me, too.
I have never brushed a piglet, but I’ve added it to my bucket list now because that sounds delightful!
Let me know if you go! What – kink-wise – would you love to try out that you haven’t yet had a chance for?
I am looking forward to exploring my dominant side, and pushing it further. Currently, I am a natural escort and a very soft mistress, mostly sought out for facesitting, due to my big hips, and gorgeous feet – I’ve heard from those with a foot fetish.
I want to receive some more training in using whips and how to participate in impact play properly. I have quite the sadistic side and would probably enjoy tuning into that. But only if my submissive is enjoying it and it’s important to me that I am sure of that. You know, it’s hot that this seemingly cute and innocent girl next door can suddenly take out a demon side!
Pegging is something else I am very curious to explore. It seems to be a popular practice and I love to see happy faces on my subs, they are always so grateful!
There are some others things on my to-do list like daddy dom/little girl roleplays and experimenting with restraints on me, but that’s something more advanced that I would only feel comfortable delving into with people I have built up trust with after meeting several times.
Pegging is such a treat. It’s probably one of my favourite things to do in bookings now. I can imagine you would look particularly hot bringing out your sadistic side! Do you have any favourite outfits that you like to use for roleplays? 
I’m usually at my most comfortable when fully nude so it’s hard for me to keep an outfit on, haha!
However, I do feel empowered with pretty lingerie on, especially sets with a matching garter and stockings. I don’t know why, there’s a feeling of feminine supremacy there for me.
My new personal favourite outfit is a pink restraint set I was recently gifted that, when I tried it on, I realised would be perfect for my dominant side while wearing it too. It feels strong and empowering but it’s hard to explain why. I just love how I look in it.
What types of bookings do you truly enjoy and hope for more of in the future? 
My favourite bookings are dinner dates because there’s plenty of time to learn more about my partner, we can chat for a  long time and there’s no rush on either dinner or private time. I approach the first one I have with any given person as if it was the only night we ever have together, because some of them have been and I remember them fondly.
I also love duos – and a quartet (or more) is still on my bucket list! It’s so fun to have a session including your colleagues and the vibe in those bookings tends to be amazing.
Duos are a personal favourite for me too. Who from KLE would you love to be booked with? And who do you always enjoy duo-ing with?
This is the HARDEST question! As a newcomer to London I haven’t had the pleasure of doing duos with any KLEr yet, but have started to spark online friendships through the lockdown and I have had a few suggestions from patrons to meet them already!
I have also painted quite a few of them and I’m looking forward meeting my muses in person. Maddie Mercury, Kio Jones, Pure Lily, Valerie August, Louisa Knight, Letizia Miro, Amber Evergreen, Amelia Laurent, Louisa Smith, Circe, Darcy Sloane, Amelia Swann,.. told you the question was hard!
I’m always keen for some new toy recommendations, will you list your top three tools and toys?
My top toys and tools are the Satisfyer (the cute penguin model) that was a gift from one of my best friends; an anal plug tail (or any anal plug for that matter, I do enjoy them!) and a newly acquired leather restraint set in pink, that was a Christmas gift from a generous gentleman. Sadly, I haven’t used it yet!
As a big fan of gifts, I’m curious to know what one of your most favourite gifts from a client has been historically and what would be your absolute dream gift to receive?
I have had some incredible gifts from clients and I don’t want to feel like I’m  ranking them because I appreciate any gift given to me, as they come from a place of love and appreciation for me and that’s wonderful.
My most memorable ones are a lingerie bodysuit that helped me with body image issues, and a tablet/pad from someone wanting to encourage me to paint more, which was the loveliest thing. Now I need to find time for both traditional and digital art!
Then there’s the books and the gift cards for art stores. I keep every book I have been gifted and always love to receive them. I also keep the envelopes and cards I get on bookings and keep them in a William Morris bag that was also a gift from a client. It’s in a little spot next to the books.
My absolute dream gift would be a fully equipped studio for painting and sculpting. And wouldn’t say no to a Disneyland trip with all the extras too!
I would love to see you be gifted a fully equipped studio! The art you would create would be phenomenal, although it’s no secret KLE Collective are big fans of your work already. What art are you working on currently?
I have quite the list so it will take a while but I definitely want to tackle all these projects. First I got the idea for a card collection of queens, like the playing cards, but featuring KLE members. It doesn’t have to be the queen card, people could choose other letters but essentially the idea is to mimic the king/queen playing card style in a handmade set that could be auctioned. I would probably make a handmade box for it too.
Then this one is literally from yesterday. On a random Twitter news post about a new series of Victorian ladies with superpowers (The Nevers) I had the idea of painting KLE members as Victorian supernatural characters.
But that would require me to meet them in person and get a glimpse of their personality and likes so that we can design their character. Probably at a summer party or one of those upcoming plans to meet in big groups. I would need to take notes and to do some concept art first, but it’s certainly a fun idea that has stuck in my mind.
And finally, I had this idea a while ago but it’s still in the works as it’s time consuming. An adult’s colouring book featuring sex workers and sexy pinups.
I have been looking to draw other kinky imagery for a while and could do this eventually. But again, it’s a big project that could take up a lot of time. One way I could do this is if I add a section to my current art website to have colouring sheets available for download. This idea is probably the most workable idea of these three.
Other than these, I am working on my usual civvie and Lilu art, and trying to juggle between both because I want to experiment so much in my two different styles. And now that I’m going back to in-person meetings again I will need some crazy organisational skills to fit everything in!
I know that feeling for sure. What are some of the hobbies you really enjoy to unwind? What do you do to spoil yourself? 
I am an artist, so I use it as both a part-time job and a hobby. When I want to unwind, I lose myself in more abstract and expressive art, something close to art therapy. I focus on shapes and colours rather than realism, since it’s only for me to enjoy the pace of the brush and the feel of the paint.
And to spoil myself, I buy yet another art supply. The more vibrant and the shinier it is, the better!