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Yes! This is rough sex!’ I scream internally, his big hands holding my hips firmly in place as he drives himself into me, again and again. Harder and harder. He makes sure he’s going in as deep as I can take, maybe a touch deeper. Grabbing my hair now, and pushing my face into the […]
In the opinion of the KLE Collective, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried role play (and of course we’re talking kinky role play). Role play adds another level to sexual dynamics, allowing everyone involved to be someone else, to try things and behave in ways you might not if you weren’t in character. Power play […]
London is the home of kink, let’s admit it. It only takes an aimless stroll off the main streets of the West End to end up in a dimly lit Soho boutique, running your hand over exquisitely crafted floggers and smooth latex. But London has so many more destinations for the BDSM-inclined, and there are […]
Queening, or as it’s more often referred to, facesitting, has a firm place in BDSM history and is a constant favourite for admirers of big bottoms and thick thighs. Typically positioning oneself over your submissive’s face, the cunt & asshole is perfectly presented for worship. Forward-facing one can relish in the look of fear and […]
Insights into the complex realities of power dynamics from a London Pro Domme. Picture in your mind a dominatrix: The archetype of female power. In your imagination, I suspect she’s in latex, with black hair, frowning, long nails – perhaps thigh high boots and high heels, red lipstick. Apparatus: whips, chains, excitement. For many, this […]
Recently, I met with a lover who was eager to learn more about becoming dominant. He’d long held fantasies about taking charge of a beautiful submissive woman, but was feeling somewhat apprehensive about being the one calling the shots. It’s an anxiety I hear often; lovers are keen to be in charge, yet unsure where […]
Oh, where do I begin. The cane is a tough one to beat (pun absolutely intended). Whilst it’s not something every submissive enjoys, it’s hard to deny how appealing it is. The fear, the anticipation, the whoosh as it slices through the air… I can certainly see why so many of us go a little […]
  A question I often ask new lovers when we are getting to know each other is a common one: “How long have you been into this?” I ask for no other reason than sheer curiosity.  I am obsessed with human sexuality and the myriad experiences within that – and admittedly, I’m a sucker for […]
Ever been curious about spanking services? There’s nothing quite like it.  Whether I’m resting awkwardly over the knee of a companion, on all fours with my back arched, or strung up to the St Andrews Cross,  one thing remains constant – the intense feeling of vulnerability and intimacy that spanking services with an escort invokes. […]
Tell me a story. I want to hear from your dark places.  I want to know the things that make you cringe, the things that force your eyes away from mine as you speak. Tell me what brought you here, on your knees at my feet.  Tell me what flickered across your mind when you […]